George Gally Portfolio
Hi, I'm George Gally, an experience designer, media artist, maker and data hacker, playing at the convergence of art, code and innovation. I'm into minimalism, data, computer vision and augmented architecture. I also hold workshops around the world on Creative Coding.

Counting to a Million

Data Sculpture.

Data sculpture and public art piece tracking and predicting Amsterdam's population over 50 years. Part of The Amsterdam Data Project, a year long exploration into the wonderful world of open data in Amsterdam.


Silos of the Sea

Data Story.

Container ships, with the sea as their highway, are sailing us into a beautiful, scary technological and industrial future.


NY Collisions

Data Story.

Autonomous driving is coming. And not a moment too soon. There's absolute chaos on the roads. Data art of New York City motor vehicile collisions.



Installation. Augumented Architecture. Data.

The Monolith is an extraterrestrial satellite broadcasting station. It takes recordings from the historic Soyuz 4 mission from 1969, re-processing them as generative visual artworks to be then rebroadcasts them back to space as binary pixel values.


Sea Silo

Installation. Augumented Architecture. Data.

Amsterdam’s identity has always been linked to the sea. And the sea is changing. 90% everything we own and use, at some point, travels to us by container ship, through a vast network of ocean routes and ports that most of us know almost nothing about.


Seeing Sound

Installation. Sound Reactive. Data. Generative.

Sound reactive installation exploring minimalism and sound visualisation.
Winner 2017 W3C Webaudio challenge.
Concept. Design. Coding.

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Motion Reactive. Sound Reactive. Data. Generative.

I've spend the 500+ days on a personal project called #code365 - coding a new visualisation project each and #everyday. The project was born out of me wanting to concentrate more on media art and in order to improve my Javascript skills, having been mainly working in Processing for the last couple of years.



Installation. Micro-geolocation. Data.

Micro-geolocation and large-scale networked installation using motion tracking, wifi sniffing and triangulation to track conference delegates, while hacking the hacking data to find connections between them. Visualising delegate's movement, data and connections as giant artworks.


DSTV - Oscar Pistorius Trial

Web. Mobile. TV. Print. Data.

Second screen experience and journalist toolkit for the live coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial for Africa's biggest TV network, DSTV.


The Five Stages

Motion and Sound Reactive. Installation. Data. Generative.

An installation deleloped at my residency at Schmiede, in Austria. An experimental AI generative feedback loop, where the computer controls the room's mood. The visuals mutate the sound and the sound in turn mutates visuals. Representing the five stages of grief, The Five Stages is sometimes calm and contemplative, other times bordering on the edge of chaos.



Product Development. Data. Light. Hardware

A concept developed in China, with Cedric Honnet. Light can display a number of different data sets.


Colour of my Friends

Net Art. Data.

Sampling my Facebook friends down to their basic colours. We are all doggy poo brown. More...

Robo Maker

Installation. Creative Technology.

For Standard Chartered Bank Arts in the Park - their most important community outreach project - we created a fully automated robot builder that enables kids to create and assemble their own original papercraft robots.


Earth Plays the Blues

Net Art. Visualisation. Maps. Data. Generative.

In synesthesia a place can have a colir, taste or smell. But what would a place sound like? Earth Plays the Blues is a generative soundtrack for random places on the earth.
Joint winner of JSConf Web Audio hackerthon.


Radarboy Broadcast

Net Art. Content. Experimental.

A multi-award winning experimetal self-promotion content portal, before content was a thing. Broadcast drew from a huge pool of self-created quirky content, to create daily programming schedules. More...

Look to the Sky

Installation. Electronics.

Comissioned by Mind The Box, Berlin, and Process 4 Labs, Milan.

A light Installation and monument, inspired by the minimalist masters, at Italy's most important design show - Salone di Mobile, Milan Italy.

This is how I roll

Generative. Geolocation. Data. Maps.

Generative sound from a month's worth of my location data.

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Digital Zoo

Installation. Electronics. Social.

Instalation at the Edinburgh Festival featuring Africa's Big 5 animals as big grumpy LED tamagochis.
Comissioned by the Stills Gallery and Low-Fi for the Edinburgh Arts Festival.

What She Said

Installation. Visualisation. Generative. Twitter.

Comissioned by Art And Kunst, Berlin

Constantly degrading Twitter visualisation of what she said.


Net Art. Data. Twitter.

Tweet in MorseCode. Amaze your friends. Confuse the enemy.
Concept. Creative coding. Database.

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Digital. Physical. Magazine. Giveaway.

Mult-award winning digital magazine, that fitted a large amount of content, animation and sound onto a 1MB Floppy Disk.

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Twitter TV

Visualisation. Giphy. Twitter.

Twitter as TV. Visualizing Twitter with the help of Giphy. Get Tweets on any topic. Change the url hash to anything, and sit back and watch Twitter.

Concept. Coding. Design.

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Startup. Events.

Co-founder of Google funded startup, Gigham, a startup that makes it easy to discover, promote and monetize events. Collating 1000s of sources and venues to be the most comprehensve event personalised reccomendation engine, Gigham helped you find what to do, no matter how obsure your interests.


Radarboy Cowsite

Websites. Games. Animation

Multi-award winning self-promotional site that was voted one of the top 10 flash sites in the world. More...

Ascii Maps

Google Map Hack

Experimental Ascii map viewer written in Javascript. Just because.
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This Space to Let

Art Installation. Data.

Collecting alalogue data from the National Gallery to determine where the most valuable spaces to exhibit are.

Comissioned by SoftServe and the National Gallery.

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Motion reactive experimental performance at the Apple store in Ginza, Tokyo.
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Award-winning custom software used for VJing, installations and motion reactive dance performances.

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An animated gif magazine.

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An award winning tool to design, share and print pixel t-shirts.

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Thinking Multimedia

CD Rom. Content.

A heavily award-winning CD Rom that pushed the bounds of what we thought digital could do, while remaining stubbornly tongue-in-cheek. More...

Dance Motion

Motion reactive video performance at Rote Salon Berlin with French Candian dancer Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé.

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Graffiti Machine

Concept. Hardware. Electronics. Coding

Graffiti drawing console and installation for Resfest.

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Hunger Kills

Game projection and installation for New Media Underground Festival.

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