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Radarboy Broadcast

Website. Entertainment hub.

Based on the metaphor of a TV station, Radarboy Broadcast was a content and entertainment re-imagined portal, consiting of quirky and humurous experiments, games and documentary-type digital content.

Content changed daily, pulled from an every growing pool of artworks, generated by myself and radarboy partner, Gareth.

Experimental Lab
Mythbusters before Mythbusters. We put "old wives tales" to the test, with clasic experiments like "Tooth vs Nail" - who'll survive being submerged into Coke over time and "The Rotting Burger Challenge"

Grunt Chat
I love using technologies for what they're not meant for. Grunt Chat was an alternative chat engine where users can only chat in "monkey speak". No real point. Just liked the idea of grunting to people on the other side of the world.

Show & Tell
A classic show and tell. Bring emphemera from home on Monday morning and build a content around them.

People of the South
There are so many interesting characters floating around Cape Town. We wanted to capture, conduct short interviews and allow them to say their piece to the world.

Mark Shuttleworth
A made up conversation with the first African in space

In collaboration with Gareth Chisholm.
Technologies: PHP, MySql, Flash

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