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For the 2014 Standard Chartered Bank Arts in the Park, along with TBWA's Digital Arts Network (DAN) Hong Kong, we created the automated Robo Maker machine, that used robotic mechanisms to enable audiences to create their own original robots by combining various body parts.

The robots were designed as a collaboration with some of Hong Kong's best known street artists to create 1,000 design permutations. The booth was designed to resemble a robot factory, with two design machines, where handles are turned to select the robot’s head, body and legs.

When the design was complete, a Robot Baker outputted an original paper-fold robot to take home and assemble.

Standard Chartered's CEO was so delighted with the project, she sent a personal thank you note to the team, saying how much she loved the work.

Concept. Creative Direction.
Client: Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong.

2 x Silver W³ Digital Awards winner.

SCB AIP Robot Baker from Greater China on Vimeo.

ROBOT BAKER - Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2014 from Greater China on Vimeo.

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