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The Five Stages


The emotional machine

Something that I'm deeply interested in is anthropomorphism and our perceived emotions of inanimate objects.

The Five Stages is a minimal tower of light and sound, representing the five stages of grief. A study of controlled chaos where the computer is in control - effecting our emotions, by showing its own perceived emotions. A moody room, that ebbs from a deep trance-enducing state, to the edge of chaos.

The installation is in essence an AI feedback loop, where the sound generates the visuals and where the visuals, coupled with visitors' presence, in turn generate the sound.

The Five Stages was developed as part of my Schmiede Residency in Hallein, Austria in September 2016.

Concept. Design. Coding. Sound Design

#Javascript #ProjectionMapping #SoundReactive #MotionReactive #SoundDesign

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