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Concept, design, coding, fabrication
Space is the only truly reliable archive we have.

We scan light and sound waves for exterrestrial life and use it study the our solar system. To me it feels romantic. I imagine someone on another planet, very far away, like a cosmic amateur radio operator, listening in and trying to make sense of our planet.

Most of the content we have been broadcasting into space is frankly, nonsense.

So why Soyuz_4:

Soyuz_4 was the first spacecraft to successful dock to another, thereby beginning our ability to live in space and have a continuing human space presence on the International Space Station.

It was at the height of the space race. With both countries trying to exert their might and flex their muscles, which this meant, putting a man on the moon.

The Russia and America we have now are in many ways similar or worse. And space has taken on a new significance.

It is peacocking of national might of the super powers.

Much like the Egyptian pharaohs, erecting giant phallic symbols, so high, as if they had the power to mingle with the gods, to create the perception of power that held their kingdoms together.

The outcome of my work at the NYU's ITP Summer Camp

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