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Events marketplace startup

Gigham was a startup funded and supported by Google, that I spent nearly two years of my life dedicated to.
Gigham was an app that helps you find events through your connections. Chosen at Demo Africa as one of the best startups in Africa.

Was developed under the Google Umbono Incubator Programme.

This was one of the most challenging I have done. I went into the programme thinking I knew a fair amount about digital, only to experinece a hyper-evolution in learning.

After having for the last couple of years been mainly in a Creative Director role, it was exciting to get my hands dirty and come up to speed with the huge changes digital was undergoing. From the rise of Javascript, to agile practices, to mobile and responsive design, to growth hacking, Amazon EC2 and more.

Like most startups, we ran out of money, before being able to secure a second round of funding.

Founder. Creative Direction. Business Development. Marketing. Design. Coding.
Funded by Google